Call for contributions (Miscellanea internazionale multidisciplinare): Rhaeti&Co

Rhaeti & Co. – New multidisciplinary data on the Tyrsenic question – Rhaeti and Etruscans

Project developed from the Online event and round table held on the 24th September 2021 (Verona – Roma).

Organising committee: S. Marchesini, A. Vanzetti, L. Zaghetto.

In cooperation with: Sapienza Università di Roma e Università di Roma Tor Vergata.

The topic:

The identification of a new Language belonging to the Tyrsenic linguistic family — the Rhaetic — over the last 3o years, and the focus given in several publications to the three languages of this linguistic family have led to renewed interest and a re-analysis of the relationships among the peoples of central and northern Italy and the northern Aegean.

Three non-indo-European languages are related to the Tyrsenic linguistic family: namely Etruscan, Rhaetic and the language known from the inscriptions on the island of Lemnos. The three languages are strictly related, presenting features of a mutual relative/chronological relationship. Etruscan and Lemnian present more similarities than Etruscan and Rhaetic. Rhaetic accounts for a more archaic phase in comparison with Etruscan. The three languages share common linguistic traits at a phonological, morphological and onomastic level. The lexicon shows more correspondences between Etruscan and Lemnian than Rhaetic and Etruscan.

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The conference has been a success, and that is why Alteritas have decided to publish a miscellany on this very interesting theme with the contributions of the participants of the event.

The book will be published as an open access e-book with ISBN, double-blind evaluation and DOI.
double-blind” system and DOI.